Recruiting Process

Below are the steps we recommend to help the athlete find her RIGHT college fit in the broadest sense: academic, athletic, community and culture. The Sky Academy College Counselors works with an athlete and her family in a private setting offering counseling in each of the following areas. The process is the same whether targeting DI to DIII.

  1. Figure out what kind of college experience you seek. This can refer to size, geography, type of school, campus culture, course of study, level of athletic competition, etc.
  2. Create a target list of schools. This needs to be a large list to start and can be narrowed over time.
  3. Complete the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  4. Know what you bring to the team. It is important to understand what college coaches are seeking and where you fit in terms of tangibles such as skills sets and position plus intangibles such as mental toughness, energy, leadership.
  5. Market yourself to your target list of schools. You will need a player resume, video of both highlights and full games, references. Consider attending college camps.
  6. Engage in frequent, meaningful communications with college coaches. Every tournament is a new opportunity to reach out to coaches, invite them to watch your team, express your interest, ask for their feedback.
  7. Go on official visits invited by the colleges. This happens in the Fall of Senior Year after you have spoken with coaches, completed your research about the school and program. Fortunate players will have 2-5 (max) college visits where you visit with coaches and team on campus.
  8. Access your options and make a school selection.