Game Assets

College coaches care about all aspects of your game. They care about tangible skill sets and game understanding. They care about intangibles of work ethic, mental toughness and attitude. They seek to build relationships with prospects over time so that they can assess consistency and growth in these game assets.

Tangible Assets

  1. Offensive Skill Set: Perhaps it goes without saying, but the #1 skill coaches are seeking is the ability to shoot the basketball. This of course may vary a bit by position but you must master a wide variety of shots to play in college. They also care deeply about ball handling, passing, movement with and without the ball.
  2. Basketball IQ: It is a fast paced, complicated game. Become a student. See the whole court. Make the correct reads and on-court adjustments. Always know time, score and situation.
  3. Defense: If you can’t or won’t play aggressive defense, a college basketball career will NOT happen.
  4. Rebounding: "Offense sells tickets, defense wins games, rebounding wins championships." This quote from Pat Summitt says it all.
  5. Athletic ability/conditioning: Invest time in building strength, quickness, agility.

Intangible Assets

  1. Competitiveness/Toughness/Energy: Call it what you like, college coaches want to see you play hard ALL the time even when you are tired, losing, or out-manned. Every time you step on the floor, give it everything you’ve got…IT matters!
  2. Team Support/Attitude: Great players make their teammates better. Be positive. Be unselfish. Be supportive.
  3. Listen and communicate effectively: Be a leader on and off the court.
  4. Love for the Game: Be motivated by your passion for the game. Only this true love will fuel your dedication and desire for self-improvement.