College Counseling

Playing the game you love in college can be an amazing, fulfilling, transformative experience.  But it doesn’t just happen.  Only 3.9% of the girls playing high school basketball will be recruited to play in college across DI, II, III.*

The Sky Academy College Counseling process is proactive, engaging action planning that increases an athlete's chances of playing basketball at a college that fits her academic, attitudinal and cultural preferences.  The Academy College Counselors will assess an athlete's probability of playing college basketball, providing guidance regarding the appropriate level: DI, DII, DIII, NAIA.

The Academy College Counselors will offer advice and specific action steps in the vital BIG 3 areas of activity throughout the high school years.

  1. Improve your game
  2. Keep your academics strong
  3. Be noticed & recruited

The timing of the Academy College Counseling happens throughout the high school years and varies by athlete.  The majority of the recruiting activity happens in the spring/summer of the junior year.  However, we have found that introducing yourself to college coaches during the sophomore year can be very beneficial as coaches like to track an athlete's growth and advancement.   Most players receive college offers in the summer before their senior year, assessing their preferences during the Fall of senior year and making a final decision.

Sky Academy has three college counselors who work together to provide you the assessment and guidance needed throughout your high school years.