From core to court.

Our philosophy is based on the idea of flow: a level of focus where mind and body are completely in tune with each other. But the importance of this self-awareness extends far beyond basketball. Through the game and leadership development skills, we teach girls how to set and attain goals and find their flow both on the court and in their daily lives.

Creating players, not positions.

Sky Basketball Academy teaches girls the fundamentals first. We build skill sets for both ends of the court, then show the athletes how to use those skills in various situations and match-ups, helping each girl build creativity and craftiness into her game.

Strength from mind to muscle.

Strength is about more than just muscle. At the core of every strong body is an even stronger mind. Through basketball, our athletes learn how to recognize choices, understand their strengths and weaknesses, make great decisions, and chart a path to self-improvement.

Making the complex comprehensive.

Even the most difficult plays have a basic foundation. Using our Sky Academy Developmental Building Blocks, we build skills over time by breaking them down and simplifying them before building them up.

We don’t just teach the hows, we teach the whys, too, showing our girls the strategy behind—and bigger picture surrounding—their actions.

Seeing the big picture.

Our curriculum connects the three layers of training: individual, 3-on-3, and 5-on-5, so our athletes see how their involvement contributes to the whole team. Our girls learn to be supportive, positive, encouraging teammates who help make the rest of their team better, too.